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NeuBIAS training in Lisbon: 13th-17th of February, 2017

by Szymon Stoma

· General,Teaching

NEUBIAS 2020 is a new series of annual international Conference centered on Bioimage Analysis, which includes 3 parallel events and a common Symposium/Showcase.

It brings together Life-Scientists, Bioimage Analysts, Image Analysis- and Software- developers and other Core Facilities Specialists (e.g. Microscopists) to bridge the gap between Bioimage Analysis developments and know-how, and their use in Life Science. It aims to be a forum to exchange the newest findings, applications and cutting-edge developments in Bioimage Analysis, machine learning, data mining and storage.

IDA members are helping to set up a NeuBIAS Symposium in Portugal this year. Please do not hesitate if you would like to set up a meeting with us at the venue. We will be very happy to talk about ambitious projects and other forms of collaboration.

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